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JBF Companies, Inc. provides premier roofing & gutter services.

Each one of our roofing specialists has a long history of expertise in a particular roofing area and provides outstanding workmanship and top-notch customer service. In addition, our professionals have expertise in the town and state building codes. This allows our customers to get valuable, cost-saving input about when a roof does need to be replaced, also called striped, or just needs a go-over, meaning that just a few layers of shingles is sufficient.

Our roofing experts service customers in:

• Residential Roofing
• Commercial Roofing
• Gutter Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Our roofing contractors install, repair and replace the following, most common types of roofs:

Metal roofs

Metal roofing - referencing to aluminum or copper is typically used in areas above normal snow conditions and are much more expensive than the conventional roofs. They are made in a multiple array of colors and are maintenance free for life.

Rubber roofs

Rubber roofs come in two different types - the tapered system or the flat roof. A standard rubber roof has a half inch board that is mechanically fastened to the roof deck by either plates or screws. The rubber is adhered to the board with a bonding adhesive and the seams are taped together with seam tape. All junction points are covered with anchore tape or cover tape. The purpose of the tapered system is to shed water off the roof toward a desired location. This is done with Poly ISO Board (Polyisocyaanurate).

Wood roofs

Wood roofs are typically made of red or white cedar shakes. The installation of a wood roof takes about three to four times longer and needs to be maintained to maximize its life potential. They also must be treated with an oil decking stain every 2-5 years depending on geography and sunlight exposure.

Shingle roofs

Shingle roofs are the most common type. These days you can choose among over 20 types of shingles. The most common shingle type is Architectural Shingle. It comes in a 30, 40 and 50 year shingle. It's the weight of the shingle that determines the number of years of warranty associated with it.

Gutter Cleaning

Did you know that clogged cutter can become a health hazard? Only a little bit of debris can quickly clog your gutters, rendering them inoperable. If they don’t work properly, you have spill over making a mess in front of the gutters and your house or office. This spillover erodes lawn, landscaping and bark mulch and even leads to water in your basement. The back splash that can lead to costly wood rot. Worst of all, if the gutters aren’t draining properly, they can hold water and moist organic materials which can lead to plants and mold growing - the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

There are two ways to maintain your gutters in great shape: Either through an effective gutter cover or a gutter maintenance program.
JBF Companies, Inc. will assist you in keeping your gutters clean and well maintained. Our experienced roofing contractors will install, repair or replace your roof.

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