House Painting Costs

Your house painting costs will be accurately estimated following our in-home consultation with you. JBF Painting Services, a division of JBF Companies, Inc., will give some guidelines here. We believe that an informed consumer is a great customer. We understand this is an investment – in the beauty and longevity of your home or office space.

Exterior painting costs have a lot of variables:

  • Firstly, house size and paint quality affect house painting costs.
  • A major consumer website estimates that a 3000 square foot home requires 15 gallons of paint and often more.
  • Exterior paint, you can already get for as low as $25 a gallon, and up to $100 a gallon for premium paint.
  • Saving on the paint cost may not save you money in house painting costs, because it can require two or more coats, increasing your labor costs. Also, those paints can contain cheap hazardous chemicals which can affect your well-being.
  • Primer adds to costs, but the benefits in durability and finish are significant.
  • The consumer website advises that you buy the best quality of paint your budget allows, because it will last longer: an average house may need repainting every 5 to 7 years; cheap paint starts to fade and peel after only 4 years.
  • An average single story three-bedroom house will cost less to re-paint than a two-story or multi-level home.
  • Prepping the surfaces is a major variable in house painting costs:
  • It takes an average of four to five days for the entire process, most of which is prep time. Actually, the painting itself is rather quick.
  • The surface must be clean to allow the paint to adhere properly. All loose paint must go, either by scraping or with pressure washing. Washed siding has to dry before applying paint.
  • We will use bleach or commercial products to remove mildew.
  • Caulking is crucial. All seams, corners, window edges and trim must be re-sealed after old caulk is removed.
  • We use an epoxy filler to repair serious flaws in the surface.
  • Often sanding will be needed, and we do recommend priming.

Interior painting costs:

We won’t give you a “misleading” general estimate since there are too many variables. Once we had an in-home, personal consultation, you’ll get a much more specific time frame. We do on-site estimates to ensure accuracy, and we hope you will be wary of phone estimates.

Variables in interior house painting costs:

  • How much paint will you need? Whether we are painting one room or several, it depends on our measurements of the size of the rooms, and our assessment of how many coats must be applied.
  • Preparing the room goes beyond preparation of the surface of the walls and ceilings
  • Furniture needs to be removed or adequately covered.
  • Electrical outlets and switches need to be covered or removed.
  • Any wall repairs need to be done before the first paint brush touches any wall.
  • The ceiling is painted first.
  • The painting itself is most often a combination of rolling and brushing, for an even final appearance.
  • Cleanup is part of our deal. The job isn’t finished until the only evidence we were there is the outstanding new coat of paint.

Our experienced, trained painting professionals will assist you with your interior or exterior paint project. We will help you choose the right paint and other materials. JBF will get the job done on time and to your greatest satisfaction.

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