Exterior House Painting

It's recommended to wash the exterior of a house or building once or twice a year, in order to remove dirt and other deposits from rain, wind and snow. This will maintain a clean look and help the longevity of your home and building’s exterior.

JBF Painting Services, a division of JBF Companies, Inc., has over 10 years experience in exterior house painting and maintenance. We have worked numerous exterior painting projects in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas.

Our expert painting team gets the job done in time with superior quality and long-lasting results. For house and building exteriors, our painting and cleaning services include:

  • Power washing
  • Small repairs of wear and tear
  • Painting
  • Re-staining
  • These services are provided for the entire exterior structure of your home or apartment building, including:
  • Siding
  • Trim
  • Stucco
  • Doors
  • Concrete block
  • Masonry
  • Brick
  • Windows
  • Wood

Our Exterior House Painting Process:

Power Washing the House

Whether you intend to have your home repainted or just want to have its exterior cleaned, power washing is always the first step. Before getting started, we protect and cover your plants, entrances, walkways and delicate woodwork from being damaged by pressure and dirt.

Scraping the Exterior

Once the exterior is clean and dry, our painting experts will scrape off the loose, old paint, repair small surface damages and treat mildew.

Caulking the Exterior

We always caulk place such as seams and corners, above door and window trim, and where trim meets siding - or where any material meets a different kind of material, such as trim over masonry. JB Painting Services, Inc. uses high-grade exterior caulk. Better caulks (such as silicone) actually bond to surfaces like glue and resist breaking down.

Sanding the Exterior

Then the surface gets sanded. It is important to feather or blend and minimize the hard edge visible at the seam of where paint was removed and where it remains. Feathering is especially important on wood siding since siding is smoother than say a painted brick surface and surface irregularities are more noticeable on smooth siding.

Priming the Exterior

We recommend to use a quality primer before prior to the actual paint. Your new paint will actually have a greater longevity.

Finishing Coat of Paint

Depending on the style of your house, either brushing & rolling (single level ranch style) or airless paint sprayer is preferred.

Remember, the exterior has to stand up to extremes – so thorough cleaning, choosing a quality primer and paint will be crucial to the longevity of the paint job. More about how a house paint project is estimated, you can read here.

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