Commercial Seal Coating


JBF Seal Coating Services, a division of JBF Companies, Inc., is a full-service seal coating contractor with over 10 years experience in commercial asphalt maintenance services.

We service the Greater Boston and North Shore areas. Our asphalt maintenance teams are highly skilled and experienced.

Our commercial seal coating services include the following commercial and industrial services:

Seal Coating

Seal coating will protect your asphalt and pavement from damages and cracks through environmental and weather influences, such as ice, frost and snow, rain, sun, de-icing, and wear and tear by cars. Correctly done, it can double the life of your pavement. Seal coat with its dark black color defends against premature hardening, oxidation, cracking and erosion.

Line Striping

Professional Line Striping is an effective and economical way to brighten up your business and make it more inviting to your customers. Many business owners and their customers agree that a parking lot should look clean and inviting and be easily navigable. We provide professional line striping and related services using top quality equipment and materials, at reasonable costs.

Crack Filling

Crack filling or also called crack sealing is a routine maintenance for pavements to prevent water and moisture from entering the deeper layers, which then can erode the base. Crack filling is an inexpensive way to protect and maintain your pavement.

Power Washing

Power Washing drive ways, parking areas and walk ways is an extremely cost-effective way to maintain the paving or asphalt after the Winter season. It removes salt residue, sand and dirt which can damage the sealing of the asphalt over time.

JBF is your local partner for all of you asphalt and pavement needs. Our experienced and trained experts will get the job done in time and to your highest satisfaction. We are a non-union commercial contractor.

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