Before & After Deck Pictures

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Check out these before & after deck pictures:

Before 1 Arlington, MA

Before (Arlington, MA)

After 1 Arlington, MA

After (Arlington, MA)

Before 2 Concord, MA

Before (Concord, MA)

After 2 Concord, MA

After (Concord, MA)

Before 3 Concord, MA

Before (Concord, MA)

In Progress 3 Concord, MA

Halfway (Concord, MA)

After 3 Concord, MA

After (Concord, MA)

JBF Painting Services, a division of JBF Companies, Inc., will help you maintain your decks, porches and patios through cleaning, re-staining and painting. We’ve had numerous projects in Greater Boston and the North Shore areas over the past years.
Porch Cleaning:
Porches are usually made out of concrete, wood or cement and attached to a building.
Our painting experts clean porches by power washing. We take care of small repairs through wear and tear like nicks, scratches etc., and if necessary give them a new coat of stain or paint.
Deck Cleaning:
Decks are made of wood or other composite material and sustain heavy weight. They should be cleaned on an annual basis and deserve a new coat of paint or stain every 2-3 years. Our painting experts will power wash our deck and if necessary re-paint or re-stain it.
Patio Cleaning:
Patios are usually in the back of the house, ground level or slightly elevated, no walls or roof. Patios are made of cement, concrete, brick pavers or ceramic tile. Our painting experts will power wash your patio, remove stains and do small wear-and-tear repair.
The professionals from JBF will assist you in every step of the way when it comes to cleaning, staining or painting your deck, porch or patio. Our experienced experts help you choose the right primer, stain and color, and get the job done beyond your expectations!
Please give us a call at (781) 367-8499 or contact us online to receive a FREE Estimate. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!